Board Members

Imelda Ojeda, MSW, MPA: President

Imelda Ojeda is a social worker, immigrant, and community servant with years of experience working in the social and behavioral health systems. Imelda was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, and after completing high school, decided to move to Arizona to pursue higher education. As a Social Worker and public servant, Imelda strives to continue fostering her passion and career in the public sector to address the unique needs of the Southwest population.
She holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a double Master’s in Social Work and Public Administration from Arizona State University. Imelda works for a national children’s charity organization, is an ASU School of Social Work instructor, and founded a grassroots community space for social workers in Arizona (AZSWN). Imelda strives daily to give back to others and to pay forward all the opportunities she has been privileged with through volunteering, mentoring, and organizing social justice efforts in her community. She has volunteered with PACH since late 2019 and joined the board in April 2020.

Gina Toma: Vice President

Gina began her journey at PACH as an intake specialist, assessing patients before their clinic visit. She quickly fell in love with the diverse services PACH offered and strived to become more involved in the community of volunteers. In October 2018, Gina joined the Board of Directors, where she served as Secretary and assisted with grant funding, volunteer recruitment, and administrative tasks. Gina hopes to continue her involvement in advocating health resources in marginalized communities. 

Gina graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Medical Studies and plans to pursue medical school. In the future, Gina hopes to be a physician researching barriers within the healthcare system and providing clinical care to patients. In her free time, Gina enjoys snowboarding and being outdoors.

Michael Zepeda: Treasurer

Drawing from his unique education, volunteering, and entrepreneurship background, as a first-generation American with parents from Mexico and the Philippines, Michael has come to deeply appreciate the significance of giving back. Recognizing that we all build upon the contributions of those who came before us, he is compelled to make a difference. Having witnessed firsthand the challenges marginalized and often overlooked communities face, he feels a solid duty to lend a helping hand. It’s clear to him that by supporting these groups, we contribute to their well-being and the greater good of society, fostering a more inclusive and compassionate community for all. Michael holds a Master of Education from Concordia University and a Bachelor of Arts from California State University San Marcos. 

Michael joined the PACH Board of Directors in August of 2023.


Loris Chavez, Board Member At Large

From a young age, I have found profound fulfillment in helping others. What
this organization represents is something I deeply believe in. As an immigrant
with a family who has benefited from this country’s services, I felt the great need to give back in any way. Giving access to medical help to those in need spoke to me. Being able to serve, especially those marginalized by our current system, speaks to my core. As a business owner, I have learned how expensive and complicated it is to have medical insurance, and I also know a population is inaccessible. This is why organizations such as PACH are essential. I look forward to the opportunity to serve on this board.

Loris joined the PACH Board of Directors in August of 2023.



Nargish Patwoary: Secretary

Nargish began her involvement at PACH in the Community Outreach Working Group and is currently a medical scribe at the clinic. 

She formally joined the Board in July 2019 as a Board Member At Large. With her newfound role as Secretary, she is devoted to continuing her administrative efforts in allocating funding to PACH and expanding volunteer programs in conjunction with her clinical duties. Committed to creating positive social and health impact in the community, she is involved in various spaces, including diversity and inclusion, food and water insecurity, and research.

Nargish graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Biological Sciences and aspires to continue her pursuit of health advocacy and health justice in marginalized communities as a future physician. In her spare time, she reads books, listens to podcasts, and watercolors.



Nayeli Duncan: Board Member at Large

Nayeli Duncan is a licensed professional counselor, immigrant, and mental health advocate serving families, women, and children since 2013. Nayeli was born in Michoacan, Mexico, and immigrated with her family to the United States at age 4. She currently works for a community project providing trauma therapy to victims of crime and has her private practice where she continues her therapeutic work utilizing a trauma-focused lens.  

Nayeli holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Arizona State University and a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix. One of Nayeli’s goals as a therapist is to dismantle and destigmatize mental health in the Latinx community as she understands the negative effects of mental health stigmatization.  

Nayeli joined the board of directors in August of 2023. 


Dilia Stevens: Board Member At Large

Dilia is a Team-oriented professional committed to providing competent and compassionate medical care for the people of Arizona. Bilingual with a diverse medical background and a United States Air Force Combat Veteran with eight years of leadership and management accomplishments recognized by the highest levels of USAF command. Distinguished by the Northern Arizona University Physician Assistant Program faculty as best representing the NAU PA Program Mission – Compassion, diversity, and quality.

Dilia has been volunteering at PACH for many years and most recently joined the board of directors in August of 2023


Lisbeth Arescurenaga: Board Member At Large

 Lisbeth Arescurenaga is a Lima-born trailblazer who embarked on a transformative journey to the USA at the age of 15. Undaunted by the challenges of being undocumented, I pursued my dreams relentlessly. A proud graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, She is currently on the path to earning a Master’s in Professional Counseling at Ottawa University. In my professional life, she serves as the Director of Community and Public Relations at a multicultural marketing agency, where she bridges cultures and connects brands with diverse communities. Alongside her career, she is dedicated to an internship at a mental health facility, working towards becoming a mental health clinician. Her passion lies in empowering and uplifting my community, firmly believing that everyone deserves dignity and respect, regardless of their origin, beliefs, or sexual orientation. As a mother to a wonderful 15-year-old daughter, her journey is fueled by a commitment to creating a brighter, more inclusive world for her and future generations.   

Lisbeth joined the board of directors in August of 2023

Alexandra Oropeza: Director of Fund Development

Alexandra Oropeza is originally from Phoenix, Arizona.  She has grant writing and project management experience, which has allowed her to step into the fund development role at PACH.  Alexandra has a Master’s in Non-profit leadership and a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University. She is the mother of a vibrant 5-year-old daughter; they enjoy volunteering, reading, and traveling.

Alexandra joined the Board of Directors in July of 2022.