Board Members


Bob McMullen, EdD, PA-C

Bob is a co-founder of PACH and board president. He was trained as a physician assistant at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, graduating in 1988. He has had a long career in family and emergency medicine. He also currently works on the faculty at A. T. Still University’s PA Department.

Bob is very interested in the intersection of healthcare disparities and the education of healthcare providers- his goal is to create a sustainable and replicable model of healthcare for the underserved, provided by volunteers. You can reach Bob at


Amy McMullen

Amy McMullen

Amy McMullen is a co-founder, board member and Clinic Director at PACH.

Prior to working with PACH, Amy was a small business owner in her home state of Maine where she co-owned two bed and breakfasts, a property management and real estate company, a home remodel company, and was a licensed boat captain. Her interest in medicine started in the late 1980s when she trained to become an advanced level EMT and helped start and run a nonprofit rescue service on a remote Maine Island.

Since moving to Arizona, Amy has been an activist in human rights and health and social justice issues, including supporting immigrant rights and finding solutions to homelessness.

She and her husband, Bob live in downtown Phoenix.



Jason Odhner, RN

Jason Odhner is a street-medic, Registered Nurse, health-justice organizer & proud PACHista who has lived in Phoenix Arizona almost all his life.  

Jason is a co-founder of the Phoenix Urban Health Collective (PUHC) and of Phoenix Allies for Community Health  (PACH).  His  favorite things include community building, radical hospitality,  immigrant health work, and living in Central Phoenix (the best place to live in the world).


Josef Wolf Burwell

Josef Wolf Burwell, PA-C

Josef Wolf Burwell has been a PA since 1994. This has been a career in two distinct parts: one as a professional in emergency rooms, and the other in volunteer humanitarian service. The latter has been possible due to creating a non- profit that specifically welcomed PAs, and then creating functional teams to bring primary care to the people and places most likely to go without.

When not practicing medicine, Josef has bicycled, self-contained, to the Arctic Circle from the Atlantic Ocean. He is an honorable veteran of the US Army. Having witnessed the elegance of minimalism, he chose to build a micro dwelling and live in it. He does, comfortably, with a dog, in a space that would not hold a VW Beetle or much ego.


Julia Nieto

Julia Nieto, PA-C

Julia Nieto serves on the board of PACH as the Director of Volunteer Engagement. She has been involved in multiple positions at PACH including being an intern, interpreter coordinator, and PA student coordinator. Her studies include Bachelors in Kinesiology and a minor in Spanish, as well as a Masters in Biomedical and Health Ethics. She is a physician assistant and strives to provide high quality care to her patients. She speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys serving her community. You can reach her at



Pachie McDogface: Director of Canine Affairs

Pachie joined the board in 2016, at the age of just 8 weeks.  His responsibilities at the clinic include quality control, human/canine relations, cardiothoracic surgery, sleeping in the kitchen, and chewing on inappropriate objects.

In his spare time, Pachie teaches astrophysics at UofA and chews on a stuffed opossum.